Stand up for the people of Gaza

Israel's killing must stop! End ties with the racist Israeli state!

The Socialist Alliance condemns the Israeli massacre in the Gaza strip, which has left at least 400 people dead and 2000 more injured. We call on the Rudd government to also condemn this slaughter and to break Australian economic, diplomatic, military and cultural ties with the Israeli apartheid state.

6th National Conference strengthens Socialist Alliance for challenges ahead

By Duroyan Fertl and Dick Nichols

Over the weekend of 5-7 December, more than 150 people attended the Sixth Socialist Alliance national conference, held in the Geelong Trades Hall. The conference opened against the backdrop of the Alliance's promising results in the November 29 Victorian local government elections, in which its candidates scored up to 18.9%.

Support the hurricane relief fundraising campaign for Cuba

Dear friends

Preliminary estimates by Cuba and the United Nations indicate that hurricanes Gustav and Ike did $5 billion worth of damage to Cuba's economy. This colossal cost for the tiny socialist nation is compounded by the United States government's criminal economic blockade.

Help Cuba to rebuild and continue its unparalleled achievements, within Cuba and internationally, in social justice, grassroots democracy and environmental repair by supporting the hurricane relief fundraising efforts around Australia.

Letter to Colombian president protesting the arrest of Liliany Obando

August 21, 2008

President Alvaro Uribe Velez
Vice-president Dr Francisco Santos Calderon

Dear Srs President and Vice-President,

The Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP) in Australia is writing to protest in the strongest possible terms the arrest and detention on August 8 of workers' and human rights advocate Liliany Obando.