Climate Change: A Marxist Analysis

By Terry Townsend

Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, has helped dramatise for a whole new generation the enormity of the global environmental crisis we face. Global warming is just the latest manifestation of the environmental crisis of capitalism, a crisis of such enormity that the web of life of the entire planet is at risk of fundamental degradation and with it human civilisation itself.

Socialist Summer School energises activists for a busy year

Dave Holmes, Sydney

13 January 2007

The 2007 Socialist Summer School was a great success. Sponsored by Resistance and the Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP), both affiliates of the Socialist Alliance, the event was held at Sydney University's Women's College from January 4-7. Some 210 people attended the four days of talks, workshops, meetings and social events.

Proud to be Cuba's friend

ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries' attack on friends of Cuba in a Senate adjournment speech on October 10 is an ominous reversion to McCarthy-era red-baiting and intimidation", warned Peter Boyle, the National Secretary of the Democratic Socialist Perspective, one of the groups accused by Senator Humphries of being "Castro's cheer squad in Australia".

"The DSP is proud of its support for the Cuban Revolution.

'We stand for socialism, a society that is run by and for the working-class majority' - Socialist Alliance candidate

Margarita Windish at anti-war rally July 2006"We stand for socialism, a society that is run by and for the vast working-class majority, a society in which the needs of the mass of people come first, not the greed of a handful of mega-millionaires", explains Margarita Windisch, Socialist Alliance candidate in the November 25 Victorian elections.